In my research I have also deled into character design for purposes other than game design, in order to get a fuller and more well rounded view of what goes in to creating a character for any creative purpose.

This article from inkydeals.com looks at character design from a more business oriented standpoint, as opposed to designing characters for film and games, It talks about building characters for advertising purposes and for presenting infographics, which differs from the sort of character design I am generally researching, but the article is still relevant and interesting enough to include in my research.

Șopov, I. 2013. The Basic Principles for Great Character Design. [ONLINE] Available at:http://www.inkydeals.com/basic-principles-for-great-character-design/.

Useful quotes:

“One of the most common theories in design is that form must follow function, and this applies to all areas including character design. A character with a logical, clearly understandable form is more easily perceived and understood by the human brain. ”

“When rotating or viewing your character from another angle, all the planes within the character’s design will change their appearance in proportion to the angle which makes it harder to maintain consistent proportions and scale for each characteristic. ”

“Just as how in humans they say the eyes are the window into the soul, characters’ eyes can be essential in defining their personality.”

“The personality of a character is composed of many aspects but a large part of comes from the character’s physical traits and features since those are the first things you notice when coming into contact with it. ”

“Even if you do intend on animating or drawing your character from a lot of different angles, never forego the details entirely. Like in all aspects of design, the details are what makes characters interesting. “


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